Flywheel features a unique mix of splendid live action and static displays, showcasing aviation, motorsport, motoring and military history...

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Things are definitely hotting up in the Flywheel office, as more and more display aircraft and demonstration cars and motorcycles are confirmed. We will have plenty of exciting news to bring you in the coming months, so watch this space!  To get the ball rolling, here's just a tiny glimpse of what you will see in the air and on the demonstration track...


Flywheel offers a feast for aviation fans. The confirmed 2017 air displays will include the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire (Saturday June 24) and Dakota (Sunday June 25), the Great War Display Team's superb 'dog fights' and precision flying from the Tiger 9 team.  There's always plenty to see on the ground for flying buffs as well, as those display aircraft have to park somewhere when not entertaining us in the air, and a host of other historic aircraft fly in from all around. Plus in addition to the BBMF Dakota air display, there will also be a Dakota on static display for visitors to get up close to and even get onboard.


From the tyre-squealing action as historic competition cars and motorcycles do their thing on the demo track to the classic motor club displays and classic cars and motorcycles in the pre-70 parking area, Flywheel presents decades of motoring and motorsport history in spectacular style. Vehicular visitors being put through their paces to entertain you at Flywheel 2017 will include a 1907 Toledo Steam Carriage, a 1914 aero-engined Fafnir Hall-Scott Special, the fabulous 1929 Menasco Pirate, a trio of magnificent 1920s and 1930s Alfa Romeos, C, D and E-type Jaguars and a host of other rare two, three and four-wheeled competition machines from the golden years of motorsport.


Advance discounted tickets

Buy your tickets in advance online, beating the queues and making substantial savings on the on the day prices. PLUS each adult ticket includes a copy of the official Flywheel Souvenir programme worth £5, which can be collected on entry to the event. 


Image: A Spitfire from the BBMF - Crown copyright



With a week to go before earlybird tickets run out, families wanting to purchase discounted entry for Flywheel at Bicester Heritage 2017 are encouraged to get their skates on.


Available only until 31 January 2017, earlybird tickets offer an extra discount on standard advance ticket prices for those keen to attend the classic wings and wheels event, now in its third year.


Taking place on 24 and 25 June, Flywheel is a unique festival that transports visitors back in time with a combination of exquisite pre-1970 attractions and a genuine, perfectly preserved, wartime backdrop. Prices for earlybird tickets start from just £20 per adult and £45 per family. Adult tickets include free parking as well as a complimentary souvenir programme, while admission for children under the age of five years is free.


Organisers have also held full price tickets to this year’s event at the same rate as previous years, with standard advance ticket prices on sale from 1 February 2017 starting from £23 per adult and £52 per family.


Richard Grafton, director of Flywheel, noted: “Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to deliver an atmosphere that really sets this event apart. Visitors can get close to the action in the open-access paddock and stand trackside as hundreds of classic cars and motorbikes demonstrate their prowess. All of this while witnessing incredible aircraft displays on the Bicester Heritage airfield.


“Flywheel aims to bring to life the nostalgic ambience of the festival’s Second World War bomber station backdrop, Bicester Heritage, which celebrates 100 years since the Royal Flying Corps moved into the site.”


Highlights from the 2016 event included a live tank arena, an air display from the Great War Display Team, a collection of Sir Stirling Moss’ most notable race winning cars as well as the legend himself.


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The organisers of Flywheel at Bicester Heritage – Historic Promotions – have confirmed new dates for the third annual showcase celebrating classic winged and wheeled vehicles. Flywheel at Bicester Heritage 2017 will now take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June, kick-starting a summer of British motorsport and coinciding with British Armed Forces Day.


Advance tickets are on sale from today (2nd December 2016), with special early-bird pricing being offered for the first time in the event’s history – available until 31st January 2017. Tickets for this live action celebration of historic wings and wheels are the perfect Christmas or New Year gift for any family wanting a fabulous day out.


Last year’s festival saw hundreds of historic cars, aircraft, motorbikes and military vehicles come alive on the demonstration track and in the sky at the UK’s best preserved Second World War Bomber Station, Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. The crowds were joined by Sir Stirling Moss OBE who, as well as signing autographs, was reunited with a host of his race-winning cars from the 1950s and 1960s.


While the theme is being kept closely under wraps, visitors are guaranteed an event that is even bigger and better than the two that have gone before. Plans are already firmly underway for the 2017 event, with organisers keen to further grow the attractions and increase the number of vehicles on display and demonstration.


With early-bird ticket prices starting from £20 per adult and £45 per family, organisers have also kept standard advance ticket prices at the same rate as previous years, starting from £23 per adult and £52 per family from February 2017. Each adult ticket still includes free parking and a complimentary souvenir programme. As ever, entry for children under the age of five years is free.


Richard Grafton, commercial director at Historic Promotions, said: “We believe the authentic wartime backdrop and the unique mix of historic wings and wheels at Flywheel make it one of a kind. We’ve been thrilled by the positive comments from those that attended the event in previous years and, with this support behind us, we are looking to offer even more entertainment in 2017. We’re currently growing the number of attractions and vehicles that will be on display and we have several exciting announcements that will ensure this is the best year to date.”

Flywheel 2016



Thousands of visitors were treated to the opportunity to hear Sir Stirling Moss OBE’s accounts of his motorsport days alongside his race-winning cars from the 1950s and 60s at the second annual Flywheel festival.


Flywheel, which took place at former World War Two bomber base Bicester Heritage on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2016, played host to hundreds of cars, motorbikes, aircraft and military vehicles in a celebration of historic motoring, aviation and military endeavour.


With the sunshine came the crowds, with queues for Sir Stirling’s four autograph signings over the weekend and a roaring trade in the event’s vintage tea room, silent cinema, fun fair, trade fair and catering facilities.


Owners and drivers from across the UK brought their vehicles to Flywheel to experience the thrill of the demonstration track and share stories of the vehicles’ histories with the enthusiastic public. Highlights included pre-War Bentleys, Jaguar C and D-types and a 1901 Toledo steam car.


Hundreds of cherished classics from dozens of car clubs also attended, with a superb turn-out of over 230 cars from the Mercedes-Benz Club and 45 jaunty MG Ts from the MG Car Club T Register on display as part of the entertainment. Other car clubs included Bentley Drivers Club, Ferrari Owners Club, Morgan Sports Car Club and Vintage Sports Car Club.


Visitors to the event were also treated to flying displays from the likes of the Tiger 9 and Great War Display teams, with further aerial highlights from a unique P-51D Mustang, Yakovlev YAK-50 and Supermarine Spitfire IX MH434. The event also featured flypasts from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire and Hurricane, while the D-day veteran Dakota and Catalina flying boat were literally the biggest features in an extensive and varied static display.


Military enthusiasts weren't disappointed either, with a tremendous range of military vehicles and displays to explore. Flywheel's new live-action tank display arena demonstrated just how effectively a Sherman, Grant and Centurion tank can plough up a field, and the tank passenger rides had ready takers all weekend, as did the Tiger Moth passenger flights. 


Organiser of Flywheel, Richard Grafton, commented: “It was fantastic to see so many people on the site over the weekend. There was a real buzz to the event and we were thrilled at the combination of avid motoring and aviation enthusiasts alongside the families who were able to enjoy a fantastic day out. We are already starting to plan for next year’s Flywheel and look forward to delivering something even bigger and better!”


Image: Tom Horna/Autohouse London

Please note all displays and appearances are subject to weather conditions and serviceability.


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